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2016 subaru Outback srs light

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I have a 2016 subaru outback key start, I installed a evo one 3x lock on the oem fob, everything worked perfectly but the next day I started the car with the key 3 x lock the airbag light comes on, I disconnected the battery and started with the key and there was no srs light then i tried remote starting again and it came back on if anyone has a idea what it could be please let me know

asked Dec 29, 2020 in Subaru by shawn s (310 points)

1 Answer

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Normally this is an issue with the timing of the ignition switch and how it's connected. Also look carefully at the ignition 2 cut to make sure you are interrupting the correct wire.
answered Dec 29, 2020 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,020 points)
Yeah I double checked all the wires that had to get cut everything is how the guide says and how do I fix the ignition timing? Thanks
Hi I double checked the ignition 2 it's wired like the diagram please let me know about the ignition switch timing all I did was unplug the connector wired it and plugged it back in. Thanks