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Do I need the FLASH LINK UPDATER in order to install the KEY-OVERRIDE-ALL bypass module on a 06 F150?

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I have a CRIMESTOPPER SP-402 ALARM REMOTE START installed. The white 4 pin DATA LINK cable that is supposed to connect to the EVO port on the alarm remote start did not fit and so I cut the clip off of the black 4 pin DATA LINK connector that supposedly goes into the ADS port of the CRIMESTOPPER ALARM REMOTE START module and plugged it into the EVO port. The connector did fit and I made sure the wires went in the port correctly as in the alarm remote start diagram. Did the programming on the bypass module as intended and I didn't get no blinking, off and on light,but just a steady red light. The truck did not remote start.
asked Jan 25, 2021 in Ford by Joseph Oyervides (230 points)
edited Jan 25, 2021 by Joseph Oyervides

1 Answer

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You should not need a Flash link for a key-override-all.


If the module does not program verify the ignition, Rx/Tx that as going to the KOA.


Also ensure you are using 2 ford factory keys.
answered Jan 25, 2021 by derek ! (286,160 points)
Thank you for your prompt response. I was doing the programming steps wrong by connecting the data link first and then connecting the 6 pin harness. So pretty much you have to press and hold the programming button, connect the white 6 pin harness that's wired from your ignition to the port on the remote bypass module, then connect the data link cable from the aftermarket alarm remote start to the bypass module. Then the red light will turn on which then you will release holding the programming button. You will then need 2 keys to do this successfully.Take first key and insert it in the ignition turning it but not to the point of starting the truck. You may or may not have the red light go off in my case it didn't.  Wait around 3 or less than 5 seconds to return the key back to normal. Remove the 1st key and then insert the 2nd one with same procedure as the first key. Again wait 3 or less than 5 seconds to complete that cycle and then return key back to normal position. At this time, I went ahead pressed and hold down the remote start button on my key fob then the red light on the bypass module started blinking off and on quite a few times. After that the truck beeped or honked and then it started right up remotely. It was now programmed and running at the same time.