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EVO-ALL sets off viper 5706v alarm

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I have installed a EVO-ALL into my 2013 F-150 with a Viper 5706v connected with datalink for the range of the remote, and the 2-way capabilities. Now when I start the vehicle, it immediately sets off the Viper alarm and shuts off the vehicle because the door opened, I believe do to the EVO-ALL RAP disable it seems to simulate opening the door on both startup and shutdown. If I put the viper in Valet mode, disabling the alarm, it works fine, but then I don't have the 2-way of the viper alarm to know when it is going off. I also cannot unlock the vehicle using the viper remote because it sets off the OEM vehicle alarm. If anone know how to fix this issue so I have the Viper alarm still working, please help, I do need RAP disable though, because otherwise my radio will stay on until I open the door.


EDIT: I also have been unable to find a way to connect the Evo-ALL to disarm the factory alarm, I think this would fix the factory alarm issue, it should be able to do it over the can-bus but cannot find and option for this.
asked Feb 3 in Ford by Justin DeLutis (130 points)

1 Answer

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Check the alarms diagnostics as to why it sounded the alarm. It's most likely becuase of ignition and not the door trigger. The EVO does not touch the door pin until shut down.


oem disarm is controlled by pulsing ignition/accessory and showing the car the immobilizer upon unlock. The evo will not do this if option A5 is OFF, so make sure A5 is ON.


the door pin connection is to shut down the radio once the remote starter times out and also used to re-arm the oem alarm when lock is pressed. Orientation of that connection should not be reversed either.


If you have the evo-all setup as a stand alone remote starter and are using a separate thrid party alarm, you will need to find a way to prevent your third party alarm from monitoring ignition upon remote start. And possibly reduce the sensititity of your shock sensor.
answered Feb 3 by Robb (262,670 points)

I am pretty sure it is the door pin that sets off the Viper alarm because when it goes off, the 5706v has the LCD screen remotes and it says door trigger when the alarm goes off after I start it. I will have to check option A5, but even if I remote start it with the Viper in valet, the oem alarm goes off for roughly 2-3 seconds then stops and the car starts, I believe this has to be due to the simulated door opening.


EDIT: A5 seems to be an AUX option, is this correct?

A5 is used for oem alarm control on Ford.


What is the s/n of the evo module ?
I will get back to you on that, I have to pull it out of the dash to check.
So I pulled out the Evo-ALL and programmed option A5 to on, and I have a couple questions:

1.) Where did you find that option A5 is for ford factory alarm? It does not give a description if Flashlink Manager, it just calls it AUX1 (Vehicle Specific Functions). It did work and I was able to unlock with the viper remote without setting off the factory alarm.

2.) After enabling A5, now the vehicle won't start, the dash and radio turns on but the Intrument Cluster says Starting System Fault, and it doesn't start. I made sure it wasn't something unrelated by disabling A5 again and it remote started just fine.

Any ideas on why this is happening?
It's mentionned in the installation guide, A5-ON if vehicle is equipped with an oem alarm. This tells EVO to pulse ignition and give immobilizer on unlock. That's how Fords are disarmed with all remote starters.


Also, turn off option D2 if it is on. Disarming before remote start is not necessary since OEM ford alarms will disarms themselves when it see ignition + immobilizer data


Secondly, since that Viper is a remote starter + alarm all in one. IDEALLY, the EVO is NOT setup as a stand alone remote starter and the proper regular installation guide was followed. https://fortin.ca/download/94881/evo-all_ig_rta_bi_for-fseries-2011-2016_key80bits_d_94881.pdf
D2 is already off as I thought it may cause issues because it would would be unlocking, turning on accessory (to disable alarm) then shutting it off, then turning key on and starting. I thought that was causing the issue, but I still get Starting System Fault with D2 off.