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Evo One not seeing RM411

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Trying to install RM411 to increase range on Evo One from simple 3x OEM.


Bypass works and car starts on OEM 3x.

Never had an RF kit on this EvoOne before. Plugged in, blue light flashed on. Entered Programming mode using Valet button. Remote LED starts flashing. I press and hold RM411 remote for about 10-12 seconds as per instruction. Remote goes from Solid, to Flashing, to off, back to SOlid Blue and then I release. Antenna stops flashing as per instructions to identify that its learned the remote. I turn off ignition. Still does not work.


Tried resetting Remote Start using programming mode and 23 valet button pushes method. Put Evo One back on flasher and reset remote start options for car (tachless and disable alarm). Still nothing from the remote.


ALSO - I can not enter programming mode using the remote. Turning Ignition on, off, on does not give me a solid blue antenna LED to then hit brake 4x and program remote that way. Not sure of that's helpful to know.


Please advise. I don't have another Evo One in stock to try right now.
asked Feb 10 in Subaru by dave conner (160 points)

1 Answer

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What is the S/N to the module?


Where did you plug the antenna in on the module?
answered Feb 10 by Derek (227,910 points)

Dark Blue right next to red and white.
When you send the start command (hold button for 3 seconds) what do the led's on the evo do?

Is the red led underneath the yellow loop on solid?
Nothing on the Evo One at all. The red under the yellow loop does nothing (its off and doesn't do anything when I press it). The other front LEDs do nothing. LED on Antenna continues flashing same as it does all the time the car is off.
re flash the starter with 1.25 and re program the remotes.


If it still gives you the same results at that point I would suggest calling in when you are in the vehicle so we can go through it togehter.


Just tried. Brought in - reflashed to 1.25. Loaded recommended options - 14 changed to A - disable alarm, enable remote start - plugged in - re-programmed. Same issue.


I'll try to call later today shoudl I ask for you?


Also, to confirm, after long pressing the rm411 button - watching it turn off and back on - letting go of the button, and watching the antenna led stop and then resume fast flashing - the next step is to turn ignition off, right? There's no final step in programming that I'm missing?
Correct just turn the ignition off. Anyone who answeres will be happy to help.