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Anti grind/starter kill

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What is the right way to wire relay for evo one for starter kill/anti grind?

And what happens if there's 2 starter wire on the vehicle?
asked Mar 23 in Subaru by Edrice Iraola (980 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
Option 10 in the evo one remote starter is to program starter kill/anti grind. This will configure the dark blue wire on the 20 pion connector according to the option selected.


You would then use this wire as the trigger for your relay for the interrupt on the starter wire(s).
answered Mar 23 by Derek (227,910 points)
Thank you very much!!!

btw what if there's 2 starter wires?

do I connect starter 1 or both starter wire  1 &2?


In regards to specifics such as that and diagrams you will find all the answeres and diagrams you need here: www.the12volt.com › relays › starter-interrupt-diagrams