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Doesn't work

–3 votes
This is the absolute worse product I've ever used!!!!!There are no proper directions for installation and key programing. Support is even worse. I'm not calling in again for someone to tell me something different. I want my fucking money back!!!!
asked Apr 4 in Ford by Jason Seltzer (160 points) 1 flag

2 Answers

+3 votes
Quel est le produit que tu utilises? Dans quel Modèle de voiture tu l'installes? As tu installé la bonne version avec le FlashLink?  Déja avec ces réponses nous pourrons surement t'aider dans l'installation. Tu installes combien de démarreurs à distance par année? Pour ma part c'est en moyenne 400 et je peux compté sur les doigts d'une main le nombre de fois ou j'ai des problèmes.
answered Apr 5 by Jérôme Maheux (1,530 points)
+2 votes
If you provide some information such as year, make model of vehicle, S/N number to the module and the issue you are experiencing, perhaps the people on this forum can help.


If you do not want to provide that information here I would suggest contacting fortin directly at support@fortin.ca or at 1-877-336-7797.


If you wish to return the product simply contact your point of purchase with regards to the exchange and return policy.


You must keep in mind that the installation guides listed on fortin.ca are tailored towards technicians, people doing this day in and day out. So yes, they are complex, this is to provide accurate detailed information to tech's in the field.
answered Apr 5 by Derek (227,910 points)
I already tried your tech support 3 times and each time they told me a different wiring diagram, alternate way to program the key and nothing works the way your tech support has told me. The installation guides are actually not hard to understand at all, they are obviously either incorrect or not tailored to every vehicle. It has been completely removed before it does any damage. IT DOES NOT WORK!
The closest it has come to working was after hitting lock unlock lock, it locks the doors, sets the alarm off and doesn't deactivate with the remote. That is after the decryptor says the key was successfully programmed. Yes I'm using the correct firmware and installation guide which I can tell you is WRONG because it tells me to put the key in front of the tumbler and hit the program button which does nothing!
I can understand you are frustrated due to not getting the module to work and receiving different advice.


However I cannot help you if you do not provide any information. I am simply here to offer my hand in helping you resolve the issue, not argue.


I might suggest opening a new thread on the forum, so we can start a cordial conversation on how to resolve your issue. If you decide to do this please provide as much detailed information as possible such as vehicle, module s/n, products being used, issue etc.