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why can't I edit my evo all options

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ok 2012 ford foucus issues with Flasher tool even unistalled and reinstalled either wisard or pro mode I can't well It won't let me .says at Flash limit .I pesonally think WTF we bought  the device and the Flaser that gives yoiu acces I dont care if its 100x If why I cant is due to Fortin limit locking well someone needs to think that one real fast consumer affairs and I;m positive this isn,t part of the deal upon purchase .

had no problem before wirh remote start edit options as I wanted to use the newly evo alarm to enable chirp and enable siren not horn ..

and I would like to add one more comment the few times I have called Fortin tech suppport I sure can tell the level of service given to the stupid consumer installers why do I know this well guess a small world I have a friend whom is a pro install and listened in on his coverstion wow A DISCRACE
asked Apr 25 in Ford by Craig Masbruch (130 points)

1 Answer

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I looked up your module. (001A07001776)

The reason you cannot change your options currently is because you have settings protection ON.

Turn OFF settings protection and you will be able to change the options.

If you want to enable the alarm feature please be aware of the additional connections required if you wish to use it as an alarm https://fortin.ca/en/download/16221/16221.pdf


If you have any further comments or concerns please email fortin at support@fortin.ca


Best regards.
answered Apr 26 by Derek (227,910 points)