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VALET mode from crimestopper REVO4.1 remote :: Turbo mode activation

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I have an EVO-ONE for remote start and built in Alarm ( using the horn )

EVO-ONE S/N : 002B04198955

The setup is configured for a Nissan Qashqai ( rogue sport ) 2019 with a PTS ( using T harness )

I have installed the crimestopper REVO4.1 rf kit succesfully and i have two questions :


1-  How to enter the Valet mode from the REVO remote ( their guide is very basic and did not mention how to do so , Though i discovered by luck that holding the trunk button would disarm the EVO only for temp time till i lock again but do not know how to trigger the Valet to stop the starter and alarm completely )

2- I cannot find a way to activate turbo mode ( it is already enabled in option 19 with 2 minutes runtime ),

while the engine is running and i am inside the vehicle, i press the remote start on Revo remote ,The Car acknowledge by 3 parking light flashes then if i press the ignition push button the car shutsdown ( while it should keep running and then i should leave the car and lock it to activate turbo for the 2 minutes )

I am stuck on the part that it shouldnot shutdown when i press the push button

I tested also with the same procedure but without pressing the push button , the car keeps running for more than 5 minutes ( i believe it should be in idle mode and will shutdown after the full 15 minutes but i didnot test to wait for 15 minutes )


Sorry for the long description and thanks for your support
asked Sep 8, 2021 in Nissan by Ahmed Aboushouk (330 points)

1 Answer

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1- valet mode via the remote was not mapped and is not supported. Supported remote functions are listed at the bottom of page 3 of the installation guide: https://fortin.ca/download/88751/revo41-install-guide-88751.pdf


2- If turbo mode is supported on your vehicle (not all cars will support this feature), once the option is enabled in the evo, before turning off the vehicle and exiting, so while the engine is still running vehicle in park, you would send the start command from the remote. Do not press the pts button simply take your keys and exit the vehicle, then send lock from the rf kit and it should stay running for the programmed amount of time. If it runs longer, please observe how long it runs for after the lock command was sent from the revo remote and report back. 


One thing you mentioned "The Car acknowledge by 3 parking light flashes" Does it do this every time you go to set ready mode? Is the vehicle manual transmission? Was the yellow loop cut?


Best Regards. 

answered Sep 8, 2021 by derek ! (285,690 points)
Thanks for your support Derek The vehicle is an automatic and the yellow wire has been cut for sure I will test today the amount of time it runs before it shutsdown and report back. I have already tried with the same scenario that you mentioned and it did not shutdown after 5 minutes but i didnot wait more ( will wait till 15 minutes ) but for sure it has passed the configured 2 minutes turbo timer Edit : i assume you mean idle-mode as the ready mode is for manual transmission only The normal behavior for parking lights during remote start when the engine is off are 4 pulses after evo sends to crank the engine But when the engine is running they are 3 pluses ( technical info that might help you for diagnosis ) Edit 2 : i tried the scenario where i press the remote start while engine is running then i leave the vehicle and lock it from rf kit remote, i waited for 17 minutes and the vehicle didnot shutdown at all and kept running I would appreciate your assistance to find a solution such that i can leave the engine running and shut it down from distance with the remote
Thank you for testing and reporting back.


When you activate the turbo timer, what do the lights on the evo one unit do?


Best Regards.
When engine is running normally : only yellow led is lit, When i press remote start while engine running: static red led ( in addition to the already yellow one so total red and yellow ) When i open the driver door : red led shuts off and the yellow is still lit When i lock using rf : yellow is still the same and the small one for alarm arming flashes
One last thing you could try would be to lower the remote starter firmware from 1.25 to 1.24 and then re enable the turbo timer and re test.
Ok will do and advise back Though would this need to diassemble the lower trim under the steering wheel to gain access to the evo Did the Led colors worked as expeted ? I mean steady red after remote start then red shutoff after door opens etc
Yes, I believe they did react as they should.
Downgraded remote start to 1.24 and stll same behavior
This would make me think that turbo mode may not be supported on your vehicle.


At this time I will create a report but I have no furhter suggestions in regards to turbo mode on this particular vehicle.


You are wlecome to call in to see if there is any furhter testing options an agent can suggest. 1-877-336-7797.
Thanks Derek. Then how will i be notified with the report result or output ?
If we are able to get a vehicle and replicate the issue then we will be in contact via this forum. Otherwise at this time I have no further suggestions on turbo timer for this vehicle.


Best Regards.