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EVO-ALL THAR-NIS1 Nissan Sentra 2015 Push-To-Start doesn't start

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The steps I followed:

- Plugged the 4 pin back of push to start button

- Plugged the 4 pin break pedal

- Plugged the 16 pin OBDII

After plugging those connectors I went with the key bypass programming procedure.

Pushing the lock key 3 times makes the module send commands to the car, but no success turning it on. And then the red light flashes a few times (if I'm not mistaking it's 3 times).


I did not connect those 5 other wires into the BCM, Driver kick panel or Push-To-Start Button because I thought that only connecting the plugs would be enough to get the vehicle started. Is this assumption right or I should connect all those other 5 wires to get the car started?


The following file is the installation guide so you guys can take a look and help me on it:

asked Nov 28, 2021 in Nissan by Jordao Serafim (200 points)

1 Answer

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you also must connect the negative black/white wire"pin 19" from evo all to the push button.

Once connected then proceed with can/bypass programming. You need to run the decrypter at the end of this process to decrypt the key and store it in the bypass.

The other wires are for internal lights and also for unlock/lock to control the soors if your using an RF kit or Evo start 2.
answered Nov 29, 2021 by Haidar Jabbar (22,040 points)
selected Nov 30, 2021 by Jordao Serafim
Thank you Haidar!

Connecting the black/white wire to the back of the push-to-start button did the trick!


I don't know if any of you know anything related to this, but when I have my lights on AUTO and remote start the car, everything is ok. If I remote stop de car, the lights will keep on.

Keeping my lights switch on OFF position makes it work fine, but I just wanted to know if there is any extra configuration that would make it work in any situation.

Another doubt here is realted to the fact that the car unlocks all doors when I remote stop it. Is it something configurable that I could turn off? (it's not a problem since I can hit the lock button for the fourth time and the car will be locked :D)
I`m having exact same issue with my 2013 sentra push button start...I bought wiring harness and kit on ebay..I`m not a tech but have everything working like Jordao did..Need more guidance on fix..White/black wire to push to start? Don`t see anything on that in same instruction guide 74261? I think I can find white/black wire...Just don`t know where to hook it up specifically..Like I said,I`m not a tech,just a guy trying to install a so called plug and play remote in my car..Any help is appreciated..