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Subaru Legacy will not remote start

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I have a 2016 Subaruy Legacy Limited with key start.  The EVO-1 with T-harness worked fine.  After hitting a deer and vehicle being repaired(all body, no mechanical repairs), it does not remote start.

Press lock button 3 times, the red light, then the blue light, then the yellow light comes on. Dash lights come on, parking lights come on, then all shut off.  Parking lights flash 4 times, then reattempts starting, then same thing.

I removed the unit and updated with flash-link, still does not work.

I had read about valet mode adn pressing lock and unlock buttons to get it out of valet, nothing.

I read about no tach signal, but there is not tach wire on Evo-1 I read.

The unit is Service # 002B07267043

I know I am overlooking something, I just cannot see what it is.

asked Dec 11, 2021 in Subaru by Mark Bittinger (160 points)

1 Answer

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If it was in valet mode, it would not attempt at all.


Is it possible it 5 flash and not 4? 5 flash would make sense considering the unfortunate accident, it means the hood is detected as open. Turn option A11 and disconnect the hood switch if it was added.


4 flash is valet when it actually does not attempt to start.

4 flash after it does attempt to start (ignition turns on), means the vehicle did not crank and tach was not detected.

This car should crank no matter if the bypass portion is functional or not. So another something to check would be the connections/harness at the ignition switch and also the main ground.
answered Dec 11, 2021 by Robert T (279,790 points)


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