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Evo-one ....Fail from step 1.....

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Evo-ONE + T-har FORT1
I was holding the programming button while connecting the black 4pin to start programming the module.
But, as the manual says, the LED didn't stop and just kept lit in the red-yellow-blue sequence.
It doesn't work from step 1...
There are also videos...
What was the problem?...
asked Dec 25, 2021 in Ford by MyungJong Choo (650 points)
edited Dec 26, 2021 by MyungJong Choo

2 Answers

+2 votes
did you release your hand from the button on the required color?

Did you flash the module to your specific car?
answered Dec 27, 2021 by Haidar Jabbar (21,370 points)
No, the button was held down.
The vehicle is a 2013 mustang GT Convertible.
The LED moves quickly in the RED->Yellow->Blue sequence when the programming button is pressed or not.
you need to hold the button before plugging the black connector then release on the specific color on the guide.
I've tried that.
But the LED moves too fast and doesn't stop.
the LED will not stop on it;s own. You need to stop by releasing the button when it is the color that the guide indicates.


What is the s/n of module?
It is different from other video materials. It moves very fast and doesn't stop when you release the button on the RED LED as the guide tells you.
S/N 002B04  237899
As I searched through the data, there seems to have been some talk about the need to update the firmware, but will it work if I update the firmware?
in my first answer I asked you if you flashed the evo module. If you did not it will also alternate colors.
+2 votes
You need to flash/update the module before trying to program it in the vehicle. It is currently empty.
answered Dec 29, 2021 by derek ! (278,800 points)


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