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Ford Escape will not disable RAP (retained accessory power)

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I have A17 and A18 spliced into the green/purple wire at driver harness, one side 0V and other side ~11V. When driver door latch manually closed the door side of harness shows 10ohms, when door open shows OL so I know I have correct wire. How should setting be flagged?
asked Jan 8 in Ford by FuriousG (130 points)

1 Answer

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you can try enabling D5 to see if that will help your issue.

Also we have had reports of 2 wires being the same color. you will need to test this way to confirm., latch the driver's door latch closed. Cycle vehcile's key to the on/run position then to the off position, radio must be on, and stay on even after removing key.  open the driver door WIRE by cutting the wire. if you have the correct wire, the vehicle's radio and ACC will shut down. wire according to the guide.
answered Jan 8 by JM (61,720 points)


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