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2006 F150 door locks inop after remote start timeout

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2006 F150 5.4 FX4 with EVO ONE and RFK 441. The unit works fine however after the 15min run time out or if you shut the vehicle off with the remote the doors won't unlock with fob or the keypad on drivers door, lock still functions. If you open and close the door then it begins to work again

The only way to remedy this is to use the key to open the door or to remote start the truck and unlock the doors. This is very much a truck issue not a remote start issue as this vehicle is all analog connections. Is there a wire that I can have pulse the door pin to shut the radio down and simulate the door opening as I believe that would fix it. There was nothing mentioned in the install guide.
asked Jan 10 in Ford by Sean (690 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
Solved my problem. Need to enable 32.3 and run dark blue A8 20 pin connector to driver door pin black/yellow. Solved radio issue and inop door locks after starter time out.
answered Jan 12 by Sean (690 points)


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