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2013 FORD FIESTA EVO-ALL- starts on its own After driving vehicle and 1xlock is used to lock doors after

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S/N 001A07321575

1 OEM Key programed

lock / unlock/ lock  for start sequence

Yellow/black wire on 20 pin connector is  NOT grounded

EVO-ALL performs as expected until you exit the vehicle after driving and you lock the doors using the 1x lock on the OEM Key. As you walk away from the vehicle the Evo-All starts the vehicle on its own. Once this occurs the vehicle can be shut down using the lock/unlock/lock

Have tried exiting vehicle with brake depressed while using door handle to unlock the vehicle on exit. which should disengage the Evo-All. However, the vehicle still starts once lock the doors using 1xlock with the OEM key

asked Jan 13, 2022 in Ford by Gdrover (400 points)

1 Answer

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What happens with the lights on the evo when thi issue is present?


It should not start by pressing lock once if the startin sequence is lock-unlock-lock.
answered Jan 13, 2022 by derek ! (286,160 points)
will check lights and get back to you
Details on lights:

-Problem only occurs after driving vehicle.

 -When Vehicle parked After driving with key on and engine running light is Yellow

-Turn engine off all lights go out

-open door and 2x flash blue light

-Close door no lights

-1xlock to lock doors -  blue and red light comes on, then blue off and red remains on, vehicle remote starts,  then blue light back on and then blue and red light shuts off and yellow light is on while running on remote

-Vehicle shuts down using lock/unlock/lock

Additional ifo:

After driving vehicle and open close door all lights are out but if you wait 30 to 45 seconds the blue light flashes 2xblue then if you 1xlock on OEM key the remote does not start.
If this is the case I would suggest not using the OEM remote for remote start. Turn off C1 and D1.1 (lock-Unlock-Lock) in the options and leave only D1 on.


Instead use an rf kit to control the system. That way you will eliminate the issue the oem remote is causing you.