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2015 forester

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Hello. Today I installed evo-one on a 2014 forester (38.2). When I press the remote control 3 times, the engine starts, but by pressing it again 3 times the engine does not turn off (the red and yellow lights are on and the blue is not visible).   002B04199788
asked Jan 19 in Subaru by G M (8,530 points)

1 Answer

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If blue does not blink when pressing lock and the vehicle is remote started you would want to verify the door lock data connection.
answered Jan 19 by derek ! (277,630 points)
selected Jan 30 by G M
No. At first it flashes, but after the Start it is gone.    More detailed... First, when you press the remote control 3 times, on the module also flashes blue 3 times and the car starts. But, then red and yellow light up ... And, when you press the remote control, the blue one no longer blinks (there is a closing sound on the doors). And I can not turn off the engine from the outside.
I connected the door opening line to the brake line and the customer will be able to turn off the car by pressing the opening button on the remote control.


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