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2013 ford mustang (manual transmission) remote start does not work.

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Vehicle - 2013 FORD Mustang manual transmission.

Install - EVO ONE, T-harness, mobile link updater

After key bypass programming, the engine does not start even when pressing the 3 x Lock button.

But, If you press the lock button 3 times, the EVO ONE module will make a tick-tick and sound 3 times.

Is the harness installation wrong?
asked Feb 13 in Ford by MyungJong Choo (650 points)

1 Answer

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Does ready mode set properly?


3x flash of park lights or "tiks"  of the module would indicate the module is not in ready mode.


Also since its manual, was the clutch bypass done?
answered Feb 14 by derek ! (278,800 points)
selected Feb 15 by MyungJong Choo
thank you sir!
As you said, even remote start was successful.
But there is one problem.
After getting out of the car in Ready mode and closing all the doors, the taillights remain on.
Normally, when all the doors are locked, All tail lights should be off. But the tail light stays on.
The other harness wires are connected well.
There is one thing I am concerned about.
E1(White) and E3(Red) are connected together to the (+)Parking lights(Purple/White) wiring inside the Driverkick panel.
Could this be the problem?
If the E3 wiring is the problem, where should the E3 wiring be connected?


You cannot connect E1 and E3 together at the parking light wire, sure this causing your problem


E3 needs to be connected to a +12v constant source
Is it possible to connect the E3 to the front passenger panel fuse box?
Do I have to connect it directly to the battery?
please help me sir..
Do I need to connect the E3 wiring directly to the battery?
Is there a wire to connect +12v inside the vehicle?
I think at this point since you are dealing with a manual transmission and the inherant dangers that can be associated to the clutch wiring, it would be safest to call into support for further assitance.



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