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Relay needed for 2010 Subaru Impreza Starter2?

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I have installed an EVO-ONE on 2 subarus so far, 2009 WRX and 2009 Forester.  When I went to look at installing one in my 2010 STI i re-loaded the settings from my 2009 WRX as a good starter as I know it worked well.  In Setting 2 (programmable output) I noticed the setting I had programmed 2.1 (which was likely suggested before) was not the one with the thumbs up icon which was 2.4.  The wiring instructions still show using a relay for (+)STARTER2 and (+)ACCESSORY, however the suggested setting shows (+)STARTER2 connected to a direct wire from the EVO-ONE and no (+)ACCESSORY wire listed.  Why does the suggested option not seem to match with the instructions?

Has anyone used the thumbs up selection 2.4 and NO RELAY at all and just NOT connect ACCESSORY?
asked Mar 11, 2022 in Subaru by Ted Bennett (720 points)

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The evo-one only has 4 programmable high current outputs.


The vehicle in question 2010 impreza requires that you power 5 high current wires at the ignition switch.


A relay is required no matter how you select option 2.
answered Mar 11, 2022 by derek ! (286,160 points)
selected Mar 11, 2022 by Ted Bennett
Thanks. Yes I guess my real question was is the accessory high current really needed?
Yes it is needed, unless you dont want the heat/AC to work when remote started, then in that case I suppose not but that would defeat the purpose of a remote starter.
Yeah, fair enough.  I had not looked how many circuits were on accessory.  Just seemed strange the guide and recomended function didn't match up but agreed it needs a relay.