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Why is my new Fortin Key W642 lock&unlock are backwards drivers door saying ajar some interior lights staying on?

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I have a 2012 F150 that i installed a EVO-All with the Fort1 t harness as standalone remote start and W642 RF kit add on, also wanted to use alarm feature on it. I contacted suport and they set it for me as far as the option go that were uploaded tio the EVO-All from my computer. So truck will remote start with OEM fob and aslo Fortin W642 foib. OEM will unlock and lock like it should but the Fortin W642 whn i press lock it send a unlock comand and when i press unlock it does nothing. Parking lights do not flash but i hear the relay clicking like it has a issue. i Need some help ive been going over wire that ive connected and it looks correct. I double checked the direction the ! amp diode is istalled and it aslo seems right. I went to the store today and grabbed a few ne diodes to try that......Ok so i went out to truck to check somthing and i cut the wire for the door pin when i 1st installed as stated i wanted to use the alarm feature but when checking it with my meter. even though the wires are cut its showing 0.0 ohms like it is still connected or grounded out somwhere. Please ask me anythying i dont care how stupid you think the question is i just need to get this thing fiuxed. My wife is starting to hit me with the "I told You, You shouldn't put that on your truck!" laugh


asked Apr 11, 2022 in Ford by chris haskins (130 points)

1 Answer

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What is the S/N to the module? This is located on the back of the unit.


If lock = unlock and unlock = lock, I would think you simply have the door lock wires backwards.


If the rap cut was done this may also be related to the door ajar indicator. Be sure that the gree/red wire is connectot the the side of the cut that has voltage and green/white to the opposite side of the cut.
answered Apr 11, 2022 by derek ! (286,160 points)

The number is 001A07156438 mispoke in the initial questu\ion with me being limited to 120 characters. when i press lock, truck locks unlock and when i press unlock it does sends a command,  auditable and LED green light but nothing actualy happends with the truck's locks. should i try to just connect the wire back that i cut for RAP to see what happens. IF i can just get the door pin, parking lights and interior lightsfixed that would be great. I'll worry about the getting the alarm working later.


Yes, re join the driver door pin and see if that corrects the door ajar and other lights.


if when you press lock the truck unlocks, then chances are you hooked the lock output of the evo (white/black) to the unlock of the vehicle (yellow/purple).


If unlock does nothing to the vehicle then the connection may not be good or you may be on the wrong wire.
Thank you very much for the help! nI'm going to go try all of this now to see if it works. I'll make sure to post a responce on here either way.
So i rejoined the door pin and and its still showes ajar but I've got all my lights back but they are still stuck on, im thinking I might have a bad switch on the pin. Same time i did the remote start upgrade i alsoi did the inner and outer door panels with KillMat sound deadner/dampner and i did disconnect the wire harness from the body so i could open the door wider. Everything on the door works and the plug is a locking type that weill not lock unless its all the way in. i took it off and put it back in again just to make sure. Any more ideas, im open to anything at this point!
If the wire was re joined but the vehicle still indicates door ajar, seeing as you did multple doors im guessing? I would go over the work performed, perhaps you pulled a pin or pinched a wire elsewere in the circuit or in one of the other doors.