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Ford Ecosport 1.0L Titanium 2021 MY 2018 - Fortin EVO-FORT3

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My vehicle is Ford Ecosport 1.0L Titanium 2021 MY 2018 - Push-to-Start

I tried to program the Evo All with my car but the remote starter function did not work.

Lock-Lock-Lock then the card horns twice and I saw the RED light then the YELLOW light turn on. Both lights stays but the car doesn't start.

Any solution?

Best regards,
asked May 4, 2022 in Ford by Quy Hoang (180 points)

1 Answer

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My car doesn't have a hood pin so I disabled the A11 option (Hood Status) but I haven't connect pin 26 of BCM to ground. Is it the problem?

answered May 4, 2022 by Quy Hoang (180 points)
Correct, if it is not equipped with a hood pin the vehicles hood pin bcm input must be grounded.


However we do not list the 2021 eco sport yet, I do not know if the BCM pin out from the 20 will apply to your 21.


Attempt at your own risk.
Hi Derek,

Thank you for your answer. Let me try to connect pin 26 to ground and see what will happen.

One more question, regarding the Alarm feature of the EVO ALL, I enabled all the functions of EVO ALL arlam but don't know how to check whether the fuctions work as expected. Is there any guidance about that?

Best regards,

Quy Hoang
If you turn on the alarm option you would need to at least connect the horn output so you can hear it when it goes off.


Once option G is enabled the green wire on the 20 pin connector becomes a (-) horn output.

Hi Derek,

I connnected pin 26 of BCM to ground and enable hood switch in IPC and BCM as well. When pressing Push-to-Start button, and pin 26 is grounded, there is no "Bonnet open" message.

I also enable A11 option in Evo ALL as well.

When I tried to start with the remote, the red then yellow light were on, and both of them stayed on, the car did not start. When I tried to start with Push-To-Start button, I face DTC PCM P166A - Restraints Deployment Communication Circuit.


Any ideas?

Sounds like that isnt the hood pin at the bcm if your setting dtc's in the vehicle.


At this time I would suggest removing the unit and waiting until it is officially covered by fortin and listed on fortin.ca

My vehicle was made in Vietnam and it is listed as 2021 vehicle.

How can I determine that it is the same MY as US vehicle? I checked in FORSCAN and it is not MY20 APIM or later.
I do not know, perhaps a Ford dealer would be able to answer that question.
Hi @derek,

I installed the 58.[03] firmware in my EVO All module and my car now can be remote started.

I have one question about the EVO Alarm system: Normally, when there is no EVO All connected, the car cannot be locked or relocked with the key fob inside the vehicle, but when I connected the EVO All modile with EVO Alarm System ON, option 63 Smart Rearm ON, the with the keyfob in side the car, the door automatically relocked after 30 seconds. My key was locked inside the vehicle and I have to get a backup key to unlock the car.

Doesn't the EVO All recognize that there is a key fob inside the car and prevent the lock/relock the car?

Best regards,

Quy Hoang
No it does not. The evo does not have a nfc chip to read the rfid of a remote sitting on the seat.

If you locked your keys in the vehicle I would say perhaps turn that feature off or ensure you have the vehicles keys with you when exiting the car.