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EVO All, THAR-NIS3, X-Trail(Rogue) Push to Start 2016

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I have installed EVO All with THAR-NIS3 (had to extend the OBD wiring as my car is RHD and the BCM is on the left passenger side.)

Everything worked during install per the instructions including the decrypter (used the Rogue 2016 Push to start as the ref.)

Selected Diesel.

OEM Alarm

First time the car just cranks and doesn't start(3xlock press) - the (factory) alarm goes off (have to press unlock on remote to stop the alarm)

Second time the car starts (3xlock press) but thats it if i try again it doesn't work(cranks but doesn't start)

Model - EVO-ALL

DATE 07/2021

SN 001A07273507

I know it is a bit of stretch but keen to get it working before winter sets in. Appreciate any support on this
asked Sep 6 in Nissan by Rohit Singh (260 points)

1 Answer

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Try setting the module up for a 2016 rogue push to start.



Ensure that you run dcryptor as stated in the programming section of the installation guide.


Disclaimer: Fortin has never seen or tested this vehicle, and it is not listed on fortin.ca, compatibility is unknown and there is no guarentee this is going to work.
answered Sep 7 by derek ! (277,630 points)
thanks will give it a go.


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