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2008 chev express van dash lights stay on after remote start is shut off till door is opened. Evo-all

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        Evo-all is hooked up wire to wire to a avital remote start, 4103</p>

    i just timed it, when the remote start ends, the dome light comes on, the radio shuts off and the exit illumination activated, about 30 secs later the dome light shuts off, then about a min later the exterior lights shut off. However the dash lights remain on for another nine mins. They time out and turn off then.
asked Sep 17, 2022 in Chevrolet by Jay Youmg (160 points)
edited Sep 17, 2022 by Jay Youmg

1 Answer

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That is normal since the evo-all does not perform the RAP function on this vehicle.


You can simulate the door opening and closing by taking the wire from your avital that pulses after shut down and connecting it to the drivers door pin.


Best Regards.
answered Sep 19, 2022 by derek ! (286,160 points)
So I take it, I would have the same problem if I used the evo-all as a stand alone without the avital?
The evo-all does not perform this function on this vehicle. So yes, even in stand alone the evo all does not do the Rap function on your van.