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2012 nissan versa fortin one t harness can it use the 3x lock feature.

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2012 nissan versa sedan,using evo one and t harness how do i know if the 3x lock feature will work on this or can only use the long range remotes.Is there something that tells you which cars can take the 3x lock feture?
asked Nov 7, 2022 in Nissan by Corey Wilcox (390 points)

1 Answer

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To know if 3x lock is supported you need to look the vehicle up on the fortin.ca website, if you see the 3x lock icon then it is supported. If you do not see it, then it is not supported.

https://fortin.ca/en/vehicles/nissan/versa/2012-sedan/ - it is not listed therefore not supported


https://fortin.ca/en/vehicles/nissan/versa/2012-sedan_push-to-start/ - it is listed and does support 3x lock


Best Regards
answered Nov 7, 2022 by derek ! (286,160 points)