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Golf R 2016 MT would not start

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Installed Fortin Evo All to avoid crank walk on cold startups, wired up with VW T-Harness and decrypted adaptor successfully done the damn car won't start pressing 3 times the unlock button of the OEM key. Wires everything per Guide # 102981 for Manual 2016 US spec Golf R, got EVO-VWT1 harness. I tried 64.06 and 64.09 firmware and also dipined D2 to D1 since it only came with yellow/blue and not yellow/green wire. I attach a YouTube video trying to start the car 2 times; https://youtu.be/rJT-YGqDOcA Does A1 have to be connected to A16?
asked Dec 24, 2022 in Volkswagen by Daniel Santander (180 points)
edited Dec 24, 2022 by Daniel Santander

1 Answer

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Don't be stupid like me, Evo All is not standalone. Will get Evo One which it is!
answered Dec 24, 2022 by Daniel Santander (180 points)