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Why does my 2017 Ford C-Max Energi SE turn off seconds after successfully initiating a remote start?

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I am currently utilizing the Evo One with my 2017 Ford C-Max Energi SE plug-in hybrid in conjunction with the T-Harness. I have checked wiring, factory reset and re-programmed the Evo one, and ensured the recomended bypass/remote starter settings are properly checked. If I had to guess, I would say that becasue my combustion engine does not start when the vehicle is started, until power is required, that the module considers it a false start and shuts down the vehicle. Any advice would be much appreicated.

And since I'm here, when wiring the evo one into the horn, is the T-Harness(Orange/Black) wire spliced into the existing connection(Brown), or is the (Brown) horn wire being redirected through the module? The installation makes it clear that it appears that the connection is being redirected, but I wanted to be sure. Thank you!
asked Dec 30, 2022 in Ford by Elijah Goswick (190 points)

1 Answer

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Being a hybrid vehicle it may not always run on the gas engine if the computers dont deem it nessecary. You will also want to ensure option D4 - Hybrid mode has been turned ON. Option D2 should be OFF.


The horn connection is not part f the t-harness, if desired you would connect the orange/black wire from the 20 pin connector of the evo one to the vehicles horn wire. The horn wire is located at the yellow airbag/clock spring connector so be sure to test it with a computer safe multi meter before connecting to avoid damage.


Best regards.
answered Dec 30, 2022 by derek ! (290,960 points)
Hi Derek,
I can confirm Option D4 is turned ON and Option D2 is turned off, problem persists.