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2018 Civic Si No ready mode (RF 442)

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Just installed an evo one and Rf-442 kit on my 2018 PTS civic. Used the Hon7 harness, so I had to do the interruption at the steering lock and tap into the clutch wire. Also ran the dcrytor process when the guide prompted. Also worth noting that the yellow light is lit when the ignition is on. Whenever I try to remote start the car with either remote, the parking lights blink 3 times indicating that  the car isn't in ready mode. When I programmed the module using wizard mode, I made sure to select the middle sequence (car in neutral, foot on brake, park brake...etc), but when I leave the car, it continues running and says that the key fob is not detected on the dash. Made sure that valet mode was disabled via the rf antenna. All of the other functions of the rf remote seem functional minus the remote start.

Im guessing this is a programming error, any help would be appreciated
asked Jan 17 in Honda by Jordan Burgess (130 points)

1 Answer

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Please provide the S/N number to the module.


Best regards.
answered Jan 17 by derek ! (290,960 points)
Please try the following in pro mode:

- Turn off A11

- Lower the firmware to 73.38, re program and re dcrypt.


Also when setting ready mode ensure that both red and yellow led's are on on the evo-one before exiting the vehicle.