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2014 Forester w/key - I cannot get by step 4 in the setup.

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When I get to step 4. I question myself of what the instructions are telling me to do. Do I press the button 6 times and pause till both red and blue flash 5 times before I press again. Mine seemed to flash gradually. Flash 2 pause, Flash 3 pause, Flash 4 pause and flash 5 pause. When I get to the end it flashes red 3 times pause and keeps repeating.

The remotes don't work and I am not hooking up the hood pin.


s/n 002B04253079
asked Jan 30 in Subaru by Peter Grealish (130 points)

1 Answer

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You want to press the programming button 6 times in a row, it shoudl be blinking 5x and pause afterwards, then you start the vehicle with the key.


Best regards.
answered Jan 30 by derek ! (290,960 points)
I believe I was able to complete step 4 correctly now. I pressed the button 6 times and it flashed blue and red 5 times then paused then 5 times again and again. I started the car at various internvals and the lights changed to solid red and blue. I also reflashed the unit to be sure. Any ideas?
If you unplug the red connector from the evo one, are you able to start the vehicle with the key normally?
Yes and both redf and blue lights solid are still on.
That would indicate that there is an issue with the imo data connection then, you should not be able to start the vehicle with the red connector unplugged.