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2017 Tacoma won't start

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Installed EVO-ALL and plug and play harness.  Programmed bypass with programmer and also in vehicle.  Vehicle programming went as it should(lights blinked properly).  Vehicle will not start, blue light on by pass does not blink when vehicle is locked.  Checked all settings with programmer.
asked Feb 2 in Toyota by John Taylor (160 points)

1 Answer

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This module appears to be used and was previously in a ram truck. When re using evo's (when possible) it is always best ot perform a master reset to the unit before re programming it into another vehicle.



Please perform the master reset, re enable the vehicle specific options and then re program it and re run dcryptor.


Once that is done re test remote start in the vehicle.


best regards.
answered Feb 2 by derek ! (290,960 points)
I actually tried this reset and it still did not seem to work.  This unit was supposed to be new(purchased from NAPA).  When I plugged it back into the programmer all the settings were still there.  Is there a way to reset with the programmer?
No the reset must be done in the vehicle.

The reset will not erase the firmware and it will set all settings back to stock.