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Why does door lock/unlock on my 2013 Ford Focus only work properly when key is in ignition?

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Service # 001A06249963.  I'm using crimestopper 502 with evo-fort1.  When using the unlock/lock the car locks will cycle many times and lock the car back every time.  I've tried firmware 71.11 and 71.18 with the same results.  If I just put the key in the ignition the lock and unlock works correctly through the crimestopper remote.  I've done a master reset and tried programming all over again.  The remote start works correctly without a key.  I have the two main power wires from the remote start going directly to the battery as this remote starter isn't the low voltage model.  Any help appreciated.
asked Sep 30, 2014 in Ford by Mike Batt (170 points)

1 Answer

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Lock and Unlock is controlled by the A19 connection.


Reasons why your door locks may be acting up can vary but here are some situations.

  1. Wrong brown wire at the vehicles lock/unlock button. If you look at the connector at the wrong angle, you will grab a brown wire but it's the wrong one. (picture below)
  2. If you're using datalink, no dotted line connections in the install diagram should be done. Also make sure that the Crimestopper is set to Fortin protocol in its options. Similarly, you can also try the setting the Crimestopper to ADS and changing the protocol in the EVO to AP/OFA.
  3. Wrong Can wires at the OBD-II. Make sure they are the same color as listed in the diagram
  4. Door trigger wires are reversed


answered Sep 30, 2014 by Robert T (284,630 points)