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Evo one not locking after remote start 2015 Subaru Legacy standard key

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Issue: After remote start Evo-one does not lock car.

Background: Installed Evo-one in a 2015 Subaru Legacy standard key.  Only change from guide 57221 is that the Immobilizer wire was located in an alternate location on connector back of the fuse box as found on wirecolor.com for Subaru Legacy (2015-2017) photo 20.  After 3x lock presses, unit will unlock and start car but will not lock after car is started.  Pressing the lock button on the remote locks the car but Evo-one does not seem to sense it as there is no flash of blue light.  This is also true when the unlock button is pressed.  Car unlocks but no flash of the blue light on the Evo-one.

Prior to remote starting, the Evo-one blue light flashes with every press of the lock or unlock button.

Other options I have tried without success: D2 on and 6.2, D2 off and 6.2.  

Other things that did not work: 37.2 causes engine shut down all the time.  7.2 does nothing.  No lock or unlock.

I had double checked all the connections and all the taps are solder joints.

Turned D2 off and car remote started with 3x lock and doors stayed locked.  Can use keyfob to unlock doors. Insert key, turn to on position, step on brake and key take over successful.  No apparent alarm.  If I use keyfob to unlock door and step on brake, engine cuts off.

So notes:

1) Prior to remote start or key start, Evo-one appears to see keyfob presses as evidence of the Evo-one blue light flashing when doors are unlocked/locked with keyfob press.

2) After remote start, Evo-one does not see keyfob presses as evidence of no blue light flashing when doors are locked/unlocked with keyfob press.

3) If car is key started, keyfob presses are not seen/ignored by the car as evidence of no lock/unlock with keyfob press and are not seen by the Evo-one as evidence by lack of blue light flases with keyfob presses.

So do we need to wire it differently, get different programming, or am I just out of luck to enable other desirable features like 37.2 and 7.2.
asked Feb 10, 2018 in Subaru by Jim (820 points)
edited Feb 12, 2018 by Jim

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For the lock after start this can easily be fixed:

Connect the purple wire from the 20 pin connector to the lock wire in the vehicle and set option. 6.3 in the starter.


This is something we have heard of before (the evo not seeing the oem remote when car is remote started) it is limited to certain us models of this make/model and at this time I do not know of a solution as the OEM remote does still work when the car is running just the evo does not see the commands.
answered Feb 12, 2018 by derek ! (286,160 points)
selected Feb 12, 2018 by Jim
Is there any way I can help debug the issue?

When you say connect the purple wire from pin 20 on the white connector to the lock wire.  Could you be a little more specific.  Are we talking about the door lock data wire I already tapped into or the door lock wire in another location?  If it is the wire I already tapped into, which side would I tap into and if not, which location should I tap into?

Will this allow option 7.2 to fully function?

Until we can figure how to get the keyfob to be detected, we will not be able to option 37.2 to work unless we use an RF kit, correct.
Connect the purple wire from the evo one's 20 pin connector to the negative lock wire of the vehicle: Brown / White 40-pin white connector behind fuse box Pin 32. Yes this will make 7.2 function also. Correct an rf kit would resolve the issue but would require you to also connect the analog unlock wire for proper operation.
Then I would need to connect the analog unlock wire for option 7.2 to fully work as it should unlock the car when the key is turned off.  Where is that wire located on the vehicle and evo-one.  

Also will I need a relay.
Purple/white 20 pin connector. no a relay is not needed, the wires are negative.
Where is the unlock wire on the vehicle.

Also, would there be any issue with the lock/unlock signal being generated from the bypass side of the Evo-one and the analog signal being generated from the starter side of the Evo one at the same time?

Unlock (negative) Brown / Black

40-pin white connector behind fuse box

Pin 12


their should be no issues. 

Thank you.
Since the keyfob signals are missing from the canbus high/low do you think that the keyfob signals may be present on the canbus sw?
What do you mean by can bus sw?