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2008 Subaru Impreza Evo All + Encore E1 not working

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Encore E1 "Tries" 4 times, yellow LED on Evo lights each try. There is no 12v on any of the ignition outputs when the E1 is trying. The Evo firmware is up to date, and the key data was successfully decrypted. Manual transmission, clutch is switched.
asked Jan 14, 2019 in Subaru by ZC (160 points)

1 Answer

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The first led should be the red one, if the red led does not turn on there is problem with wiring or datalink protocol.
answered Jan 14, 2019 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,040 points)
Thank you for the timely response.

The red LED lights when the module "wakes up". We figured out that the Neutral Safety Wire (Black/White) needs to be grounded. I thought I had it grounded, but I was grounding a White/Black wire out of the same harness.

My only other issue now is that the car shutsdown after the door is open. I have this option disabled (OFF) in the Evo All's programming. I'm not sure if this is a feature of the E1. Any advice would be very much appreciated.


Edit 1-15-19: After a lot more research I've found that it appears to be common among Subaru and other Japenese manufactuers that the engine will cut after the door is opened when it has been remote started. People say that Subaru and other manufactuers claim that this is a safety feature, and is present in OEM remote starters as well. So as far as concerning the Fortin Evo-All, it works exactly as it should, and couldn't be more satisfied with it. Hope this post helps!

Thank you!