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Remote start refuses to start after 3 attempts, no accessory or ignition. Evo All 2008 Subaru Impreza manual.

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I installed and programmed this module correctly with an encore remote starter almost a year ago and it was working fine. Recently, my car would not remote start after 3 attempts were made and refused by the remote starter. The clutch is correctly bypassed, I've triple checked the wiring and made sure I have good grounds. I did notice that the positive input coming from the remote start to the Evo all is at 10.5v while the positives to the remote starter are all 12.5+ The yellow LED comes on with ignition and there is NO red LED. I tried a different source for the 12V+ that was a known good constant with no good results. The RS still refuses to start after 3 attempts with the key in either acc or run positions. During the attempts, the dash faintly lights on and off each time. Accessory does not come on with any of the attempts. I've exhausted all other resources that I have available to me, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Edit: I forgot to mention that after unplugging and plugging back in the module that my Check Engine light has come on, related to Camshaft Position Sensor.
asked Aug 25, 2019 in Subaru by ZC (160 points)
edited Aug 25, 2019 by ZC

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If your issue right now is with the evo, this car should at least crank. If it does not even crank, check the connections at the ignition switch and your clutch. To quickly understand this, disconnect all the evo and try starting your car with the key, it should crank but fail to start.


Similarly, to confirm the evo is properly programmed,

1- Disconnect only the red connector from the evo

2- GROUND the dark blue wire, pin A8 (red led will turn on)

3- try starting the car with the key

car starts = evo is ok
answered Aug 26, 2019 by Robert T (284,610 points)
Thank you for the reply. I grounded the Ground While Running wire and the red LED came on, but still would not start, even with ignition. I then hooked up the same wire to my remote starter ground while running wire and it worked. I tried 10 more times and it successfully remote started. The next morning it would not remote start. Same symptoms: No red LED, no ignition and no crank. On a second attempt there was again no red LED but it did remote start. The last few times I've tried the car has remote started with the red LED off but the yellow LED illuminates once the remote starter provides ignition. I'm not sure if this is a problem. Does anyone know of any resources that specify the status LEDs? Thank you!
Update: the car won't remote start again. No red LED, no ignition and no crank. When the red harness was unplugged the car started with just the key, but shut off within 3 seconds.
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