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2020 Telluride- Remote start not working and horn honks 3 times after locking

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I installed an EVO-One in my 2020 Telluride. I am using the RM912 and ANT900 kit. I updated firmware on the antenna and the EVO module. All wires seem to be correct per drawing. I was able to program the bypass when you first hook up all connectors, and I got the two remotes programmed to the antenna, however the manual says to hold the single button for 12 seconds or until the blue LED turns off and then comes on SOLID. The Blue LED comes back on RED for me. The manual does not specify what color it should be when it comes back on solid, but maybe red is a bad sign?

I try to use to 912 fobs and nothing happens. No lights on the EVO or antenna. The fobs blink blue and then turn red and chime a few times. I can use the factory Kia fob to lock/unlock and the blue LED on the EVO blinks when doing this. The yellow light on the EVO is constantly on when the car is running or ignition on. I never see any other lights blinking on the EVO though.

The Antenna LED will blink very fast right after locking the door with the factory fob. In about 10 seconds or so, the horn and park lights flash 3 times and the blue LED on the antenna then blinks slower. It is programmed as a push to start automatic car, so  I am not sure what 3 honks really means. The car still stays locked. No matter what I try with the two RM912 remotes, they never get a green light, the antenna or EVO mdule never blinks blue when the 912 fob is used, and nothing ever happens with door locks or starter. Almost seems liek the fobs do not work at all, but  to try and test that theory, I set the ability to remote start the car using the factory fob with 3x lock button, but that does not work either.

I have the yellow loop cut, the hood is closed (grounded) and doors are all closed.

I am wondering what to do?
asked Mar 24, 2020 in Kia by Bob Foote (130 points)
edited Mar 24, 2020 by Bob Foote

1 Answer

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what is the 12 digit service number of the unit?

did the evo program EXACTLY like in the guide?


3 flashs when locking indicates a door is open.  (that the module is seeing a door open).  Turn the ignition on and go around the car opening and closing all the doors.


answered Mar 24, 2020 by Robert T (284,630 points)
Thanks for the reply. So I did apparently goof up on the hood pin and it was grounded out . So my factory fob works and starts the car pressing lock 3x. BUT the issue is still there for the 912 fobs as well as another small issue when it is running.

I was able to get in the vehicle while it was running from the 3x lock on the factory fob. I noticed the tire pressure monitor light was on the dash. Once I pressed the push to start button once and hit the brake, the key takeover worked and the tire pressure monitor light went out. I did confirm this happens every time it is started via teh factroy fob. Not sure if a wire is wrong or not.

My EVO-One is date 12/2019, Bypass is Hardware code 4 and firmware 76.52 according to my Flashlink Manager. Remote start is at Hardware code 7 and 1.25 firmware.

The module is SN 002B04071561.



I just did a reset procedure for all teh settings and fobs. I am going to try and redo teh fob pairing again, but I do not like the fact that my fobs (when held for 12 seconds) turn red as it seems like they do not pair.

tire pressure may turn on while remote started. The vehicle is not started "normally".   It goes away when you do the take over procedure since the car is now running "normally".  (you pressed the pts button)


The fob programming is a little tricky but

Press and hold button

LED will flash, turn off, turn red, turn off, then turn green. 

Release when it turns green. 

(if its already paired with the antenna, it wont do the RED part)

Thanks again! I did reset all programmed fobs and settings. then Reconfigured the EVO-One on the flashlink programmer. I reinstalled and set everything up again only to find that the 912 fobs still did not want to pair.

I kept what you said in mind but holding the fob button for a long time did not make anything green. I guess I was also looking for the green to be on the FOB. I fiddled around with teh fob trying to pair it by pressing the button a shorter time, longer, etc. I did press it till the fob turned solid red and maybe pressed the fob again when all of a sudden I saw a tiny center LED on the ANT900 turn green. I never really was looking for that on the antenna, and apparently I never got it to work before because now one fob was programmed. I had to fiddle around with teh second fob to duplicate this pairing process. I could not even tell you what combination of button hold time and random presses on the fob got it to work, but no matter, all is functioning now.

Hopefully (as I have seen in a few other posts) that the fobs saty programmed for longer than a day or week. I will disregard the Tire Pressure Monitoring System too. I guess this also could be beacuse I had the car and its battery disconnected for a day or so in the garage and it may need to be driven to recognize the sensors again.

Now to program the auto lock pulse on remote start since it starts and never locks the doors. Then I can button everything back up...

Hopefully (as I have seen in a few other posts) that the fobs saty programmed for longer than a day or week. 

That was only on Nissan/Infiniti vehicles when using an evo-all. Issue has been fixed. To be safe, you can plug the antenna into the flash link to flash it to version 1.05. Note, the flash link may say it is already at 1.05, so choose View other Firmwares and manually select 1.05.


Now to program the auto lock pulse on remote start since it starts and never locks the doors. Then I can button everything back up...

That would be option D2.