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3X lock wont start

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I installed an EVO-One direct wire all connection soldered in my 2013 Subaru Forester standard key with factory alarm, automatic

no issues with programming module in Car after instalation.

Used Flash link USB with Firmware 4.51-1.18

Hardware version 4.0

Firmware 4.05

Service 0025004060839

Preload date 21/2018

Firmware 84.08

Hardware 4.0

Module SN is 002B04096942

Every time I push the lock remote button the parking lights flash, on third push the parking lights flash 3 times and horn beeps. But car wont start

The blue light flashes on module when lock remote is pushed and I can here a relay clicking a few quick times
asked Oct 27, 2020 in Subaru by Denis Gregoire (210 points)

1 Answer

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We do not list 3x lock for that vehicle.




RF kit required as stated on the website.


If the blue led is flashing when you press lock however it should at least try to start.

I noticed your dcyptor is maxed out, meaning the module is not currently properly programmed to the vehicle. You need to also enable option C1 and 38.2.


I will get it reset for you. Re program the module tomorow and re send dcryptor then re try your 3x lock.


Also, if the parking lights are flashing 3x this means that you never cut the yellow loop. Disconnect the unit, cut the loop, then re connect it.
answered Oct 27, 2020 by Derek (227,910 points)

Thanks for the info, I see it says required technology RF kit.

So can you recomend a basic model of an RF kit. 

RF441W ?  

RFK411 ?

Also what does the RF kit do that will enable the remore start ?

Before going down that road I would first suggest trying the things mentioned above....
Getting closer, C1 was already enabled, yellow loop was definately cut.

I enabled 38.2 and loaded it.

After 3X lock the car accesories come on just like it would try to start but the engine starter doesnt engage to try to start the car.

It repeats this three times on its own all accesories turn on for about 20 seconds. The installed relay is working as I feel it engage. but the engine starter doen't engage
Did you re program it including re sending dcryptor?
yes I did
I would then check to see if the starter wires are putting out any voltage when trying to remote start.


If they are, your issue lies in the immo cuts...
when you say starter wires , do you mean the +starter1 yellow from EVO module and +starter2 from relay ?


or actual car starter wire
wires from the evo.

I want to thank you for the great support you provided. The remote start now works as it should.

One of the wires came of the spade connector on the relay when I tie wrapped the bundles of wires up. found it and now the remote start works as it should.

Many thanks, yessmiley

Glad you got it going.


Best Regards.