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Red Light flashes 6 times and won't start

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07 Durango, Evo All standalone with T-Harness, was working perfectly fine using 3x lock on OEM remote, or using a compustar remote that came programmed when I bought the vehicle. Blue light activates when locking or unlocking, orange light activates when ignition is turned on, battery hasn't been disconnected at all, power is fine, ground is fine, resistor from brown/white to parking lamps is fine, new battery in remotes, tested the hoodpin, I've pulled it entirely apart and checked all of the connections, and yet it blinks the red light 6 times, as well as the parking lamps and headlights, which I find extremely odd considering the troubleshooting only goes 1-5 flashes. Spent 2 days trying to sort it out and I've come up with nothing, any help or guidance would be appreciated.
asked Oct 30, 2020 in Dodge by AndrewA (180 points)

1 Answer

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What is the service number to the module?

Are you using the evo with the oem remote or an aftermarket rf kit?
answered Oct 30, 2020 by derek ! (286,160 points)
selected Oct 30, 2020 by AndrewA
Service Number is 001A06669748 There is an antenna on my windshield, the whole unit came installed when I bought the vehicle used, I've always used the OEM remote and locked it 3x to start the vehicle. There is a Compustar remote that came with the vehicle which also worked for starting, locking, unlocking, and monitoring the status but I've never used it until the other day after the issue started happening.
6 flash is the code compustar uses for valet mode.

Refer to the owners manual for your compustar remotes on how to enter/exit valet mode.
I'll give it a try but that's kinda odd considering the remote has had no batteries in it and hasn't been used since 2015, will report back shortly, thanks for the reply!
I followed the procedure and nothing happened at first, after reading a bit more into it I had to turn on valet mode then turn it off and now it's working as it was. Thanks for the speedy and knowledgeable help Derek!
I am having the same issue Andrew what was the procedure you used to get in and out of valet mode? I am having trouble finding that info thanks!