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Key FOB Not Working After Activating Remote Start

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2016 Legacy, Standard Key, EVO-ONE with Harness

Remote start works as it should but after activating the remote start, the factory key fob buttons do not work to unlock/lock doors. The key fob buttons work fine when remote start is not activated.

Drivers door also stays unlocked after remote start activation but plan on doing the purple wire from white 20 pin to brown/white wire on 40 pin connector at fuse box. But would like to be able to use the fob to unklock the doors instead of manually unlocking with the key.
posté Nov 2, 2021 dans la catégorie Subaru par Anthony Hitze (180 points)

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If the oem remote does not function once remote started I would look at the ignition2 interrupt and the data door lock interrupt as the cuts are what allow the oem remote to function once remote started.
répondu Nov 2, 2021 par derek ! (286,160 points)
élue Nov 2, 2021 par Anthony Hitze
Thanks for the info...I will look into those