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As a single install, is Bluetooth FlashLink Adapter worthwhile?

Hello, I purchased the Fortin EVO-ALL module to bypass my 2005 Ford Focus PATS system for remote starting my car through my Viper 5706v alarm/rs kit. It works flawlessly once I figured out my issue for decryptor. I can probably provide some updated/more clear diagrams for Fortin to offer for my vehicle, too. But all that aside... I used the USB FlashLink Update module to set up my EVO-ALL. I'm not sure if maintenance is recommended every so often to keep the firmware updated. If so, I would assume it's worth it to upgrade to the Bluetooth FlashLink device. I honestly want to ditch my Viper system out of disgust for DEI and have been looking at alternate systems. I don't remember but I might need to update the EVO-ALL firmware if I change to something that isn't the DEI D2D data bus. I was considering the Compustar T13 two-way system with LTE. I am not sure if Fortin actually provides a sufficient option for my older vehicle. I haven't looked in months, but I think it was only partially compatible with EVO-ONE. These are all reasons to consider the Bluetooth module, though I have no issue taking my laptop to my car and running FlashLink Update while plugged into the EVO-ALL without messing with my install. Aside from ditching the laptop for an android app, is there any other benefit to the Bluetooth module? Thanks.


2022 Subaru WRX, Manual Transmission, Evo-One, THAR-SUB4, RFK3641, Ready-mode not activating

Car = 2022 Subaru WRX, Manual Transmission, Push-to-start I have programmed, decrypted, and installed an EVO-One using the THAR-SUB4 Harness and an RFK3641 rf kit. When I try to enable the ready mode, the car is not remote starting. I have been following the procedure to activate: Car is running, put in neutral, press foot brake, pull hand brake, release foot brake, here is where it gets weird. According to the instructions I should now press and hold the start button for 3 seconds, but before I get a chance to do that the car flashes the lights 3 times. When I press and hold the start button for 3 seconds nothing happens. I leave the car running, get out, the car automatically shuts off and locks the doors. When I go to remote start it, the lights flash 3 times and nothing happens. I have tried doing this same thing with and without holding the start button for 3 seconds before exiting. I have also tried pushing the start button on the car before exiting (similar to "removing" the key), but the car immediately shuts off. Looking for some assistance, thanks!


Why does my device show offline

My evo start was running fine for the first year, yesterday at 10am it stopped working and anytime I try to send a request it says device is offline. How to I fix this? I was in the middle of driving to work when it went offline, according to the history.


EvoStart iSO App

Can I change the temp from Celsius to Fahrenheit? How do I get the gas to show the correct percentage? It always says 0%.


evo-one will not save new change settings

evo-one will not save changed settings to module. I click save options and get confirmation and updating bar to 100% complete. but when I check current settings. the changes made are not selected and I have repeat the process. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled the flashlink manger and completed the programming a few times.Still no luck of the changes being saved to the module. How do I change and save setting to module.


Question about diagram in 73971

Hi all, Looking at the install for a 2020 Kona, diagram 73971. On page 6, lower left corner on the steering wheel, there are a couple of "7" dots. Based on what I'm reading, the top 7 should be removed and the bottom one should be changed to 8 because it refers to the location of the horn. If not, can you clarify? Thanks, Josh


honda hrv 2022 push to start, evo all takeover

hi... i have installed a evo all with a crimestopper remote start in a honda hrv 2022 push to start (takeover mode) I have flashed multiple evo all trying to understand the problem as I have checked all the connections and they are perfect as indicated by the installation guide. The problem is that when I enter the vehicle and press once the button turns off (taking into account that it does recognize the smart key) but if I press it twice in a row it does not turn off and I can drive it normally, but a message comes out that says Keyless Start System Problem, And if I turn the vehicle off and turn it on normally, the message still appears. Any solution for this problem or a special software version for it. Thank you for your help.


D2D or W2W Fortin EVO All with FORT1 T-Harness and AVITAL 4105L for 2011 F-150

Hi, I purchased the THAR-FORT1 Kit which comes with the EVO ALL and FORT1 T-Harness. I also purchased the FlashLink updater and will set the EVO ALL to D2D. I would like to pair all of this with an Avital 4015L remote starter for my 2011 F-150 (I do not want to use the factory remote start protocol as my truck doesn't have power locks). I would like to only use the D2D cable to connect to the Avital 4015L in order to cut down on wire clutter. I would like to know if the D2D cable is the only cable I need to connect between the these two. I was looking at the wiring diagram for the EVO ALL with the FORT1 T-Harness and on the left side of the remote starter every cable is optional if D2D is used but on the right side there is parking lights which I don't care for so I wont be hooking up and Ignition. Doesn't the ignition communicate through D2D? Wanted to know if I am on the right track here before I start the install. Thanks!


2020 Chevy Silverado 3500 Standard key?

Is there available products for a 2020 standard key chevy silverado 3500? i have an evo-all and a gmt-7 harness but cant find any literature?


2014 Silverado unlocks twice & locks 3 times

2014 Silverado 1500. Standard key, with Onstar. Programmed properly. Starts, runs, confirmation from remote on lock & unlock. The issue I'm having is with single press of lock button, truck locks 3 times and single press of unlock button, truck unlocks twice.





compatibility of EVO -All with 2007 NIssan Pathfinder with regular key

According to your Site it shows as an option to use the EVO rs4 with Evo-All module. is that correct ? and can i use it as a remtote start or will i need to use the other Version which i think is a EVO ONE?? i also purchashed the T harness NIS5


Kia Mike Wes (160Pts.)


Remote Programming RFK441 to Evo One

I installed Evo-One with THAR-ONE-KHY1 Harness on 2009 Kia Borrego. No immobilizer. Used FlashLink to update, configured the EVO One and all seemed to go well. I dont have any factory remotes so I bought the RFK441 remote kit and RF-A2A Harness. When I plug the anntannae wire into EVO one I get one LED flash on the anntanae end. Then nothing. Turn key on and anntanae LED does not light up, Hit brake pedal 4 times and no LED lights up on anntanae dongle. I have anntane wire plugged into the evo one (blue plug). Im not using the RF-A2A harness. Am I supposed to use the harness? None of the RFK441 remotes do anything when buttons pressed. It appears the unit wont go into programming mode to allow me to connect the remotes to the unit. Any ideas? Thanks,.


I would like to get my Evo-All module reset please SN:001A07349178. please thank

please reset evo all SN 001A07349178